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We are a predominantly gay badminton club based in London. We are both a social and a competitive club. Whether you want to play for fun, or try out for our teams, you will be welcome.

We welcome all standard of players from beginners through to league players. Traditionally we have played at Kensington Leisure Centre in West London. This facility is currently being rebuilt so temporary arrangements have been put in place.
During the winter months, LYC will play in both central London (Euston) and in Docklands. During the summer months, play will be in central London only. See When We Play for more details. We will typically play doubles games to ensure all players get good court time.
Euston during the winter will be for LYC members only and must be pre-booked. Docklands during the winter and Euston during the summer will be open to both members and guests. There is no need for guests to register in advance, just come down and ask for a committee member. We'll then soon get you playing. 

Annual membership for LYC runs from September to August and is just £8.

Hope to see you soon!