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LYC Badminton Tournament 2013


This years annual LYC badminton tournament will take place on Sunday November 10th, 09:30 - 18:30 at Redbridge Sports CentreForest Road London, IG6 3HD (an Olympic training facility).


The tournament consists of two round robin stages. The first round robin is to establish ranking for the second round robin. There will be 6 groups (A-F), each with 6 pairs (36 pairs in total). Each pair will play at least 10 matches. Note that if we receive more than 36 pairings, we have the option of obtaining additional courts to accommodate more players. Final numbers and order of play will be confirmed closer to day.


Tournament Rules:


1. The first “round robin” starts at 10:00AM, please arrive at the sport centre by 09:30AM to sign-in and warm up.


2. Tournament entry is for doubles play only and the rally point scoring system (21) will be used. There will be no setting during the round robin group stages. All group matches are to 1 set.


3. 1st and 2nd place pairings in the second round robin will compete in a group final. If time allows, the final can be played to a best of 3 sets. The organising committee will advise on the day whether the final is 1 or 3 sets. Setting is allowed for the group finals.


4. Men, ladies and mixed pairings will all play in the same pool.


5. Nylon shuttles will be used in 1st round in ALL categories. Feather shuttles may be used (not provided) by majority agreement. However, feather shuttles will be used (provided) in 2nd round robin for Groups A-C.


6. Line calls are made solely by the player nearest to the shuttle at the time. Players may request an umpire to adjudicate disagreements and to oversee the remaining match. Decisions made by the umpire will be final.


7. Anyone who displays disrespectful sporting behaviour or brings the game into disrepute will be





1. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in each category


2. Awards ceremony will take place after the Group A final..




Your registration fee includes a packed lunch and a bottle of water. Other snacks or energy drinks can be purchased from the café and vending machines at the sports centre.


Terms and Conditions:


1.Standard rules and regulations of the International Badminton Federation apply


2.Entries are accepted on a first come first served basis


3.Withdrawal of an entry and associated refund is at the discretion of the organizers


4.The organisers reserve the right to amend the tournament rules


5.Results and decisions by the organisers are final




Tournament entry fee is 16 GBP per player. Payment is only through the online 'Pay Now' facility below. We will not be taking cash payments during regular club days. You need to pay prior to registering. No pay, no play! Once payment has been made, click on the 'return to Long Yang Club link' to go to the registration page. You need to pay and register to be entered in to the tournament. While the online payment system is run through PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to use it.