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No Badminton Euston - August 18th

While our regular home at Kensington Leisure Centre is being rebuilt, LYC London Badminton Club will have different arrangements for winter and summer:
Summer (April - Sept 2014)
Sundays 15:00 - 18:00, Euston, Somers Town Sports Centre, 6 courts
During the summer months, there will be no need to pre-book Euston and it is open to members and to guests. Black feather shuttles will be used. A 'colour' system will be in operation. See below.
During the summer, play at Euston will be £6 for members and £8 for guests.
Winter (Oct 2014 onwards)
Details of where we will be playing from October 2014 will be released later in the year, once we have a clearer idea of when Kensington will be reopening.
Colour / Grading System
Players are graded according to ability. Grades are Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and Black - roughly equivalent to the widely recognised grades of C-, C+, B-, B+ and A. A peg board system is in place for fair selection of matches. Whoever is selecting the matches can choose to play within their own grade, or one grade above or below (e.g. a red player can choose to play all red games, or red/green games or red/yellow games). A 'promotion' system is in place for those players actively improving their game and who wish to try for a higher colour.